Cure the open pores, skin and hair with homemade recipes

Here are some fascinating homemade recipes to cure your skin and hair.These are easily available in every home Facials Uses of Almonds: Open pores: Almonds are very useful for large pores mix a tablespoon full of crushed almond with some water to make its paste ans spread it on the skin.Rub it gently and leave it as a mask for…
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Makeup for Asian Skin

Skin tones can be classified from very light skin to dark. Asians mainly have a yellowish cast to the skin. In India, the undertones are mostly olive or gold-yellowish. The following steps fits best on makeup for Asian Skin 1. Apply foundation carefully with the help of a sponge or makeup brush. If its necessary then brighten up the area around…
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8-Health tips for winter

Winter has approached and it is very important to understand the basics to keep your skin hydrated for looking smart. I have extracted 8-health tips for winter which will help in keeping your skin hydrated.  Choose Oil-based lotions and creams The harsh, cold winter air is bad for skin. It can not only make your skin look dull and itchy,…
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