Minor Arcana – Nine of Pentacles in Tarot Card Prediction

Nine of Pentacles in Tarot Card Prediction

The woman with luxurious robe on the Nine of Pentacles is taking a leisurely walk through her gardens. She appears to have leisure time with a bird as a hobby. It shows enjoyable side of materialism has dominated your days. Pentacles represent materialism, wealth and the consequences waiting for us in the real world. We can see a lovely bird on her left hand with gloves trained to hunt and kill anyone on her command. Falconry is an unusual hobby for a lady, but card’s characteristic is centered around the same. Card shows beautiful landscape, a nice house, trees, hedgerow and grapes behind her.

The Nine of Pentacles can be correlated with sign of discipline and self-control. The lady on card seems to be enjoying her cultured life because she has mastered her instincts. She is a commanding lady and her impulses work for her. The falcon symbolizes all that is dark and unruly in human nature. Nine of Pentacles suggests that one must show self-control to achieve your goals. It shows you may have to “sacrifice” now to get better results in future.

This card describes that you have received everything you could have ever wanted. It describes that your present position is very safe and pleasant. This shows that you are going to get a solution for your problems and get relieved from stress. This card is probably describes bright future position. The outcome of the question will always be positive. This shows comfort and luxury position in near future. It indicates that a time of hardship is ending but it also shows solitary individual who needs to companion. The Nine of Pentacles indicates financial security. The answer you seek is more than likely yes.


  • Financial success and physical comforts
  • Period of accomplishments
  • Efforts will be rewarded
  • Investments done will pay off
  • Fulfillment and security in relationship
  • Enjoy the pleasures
  • Relationship provides financial abundance
  • Physical satisfaction
  • Success, recognition, and rewards for your work
  • Take charge in career path

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