Makeup Tips & Tricks for all ages

Makeup Tips & Tricks for all ages

You need not be a professional to have a fabulous looks. When you are going out for office you makeup should be different than when you are attending a ring ceremony. Makeup should be done in such a way that it should match with weather as well as perspective. You need not to spend hours while doing routine makeup but it should give you a gorgeous look. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks that can remember:

1. Recognise your Face type

Understand your face type and apply blush accordingly. Blush adds colors and defines your cheek bones.

2. Eye Highlights

It is best to highlight the crease and then apply darker shade to puffy area. In eye makeup placement of highlights is very important. Lighter colors (whites or creams) should be applied in the inner corners, middle & brow bone. Apply lightest colors and move on to darker shade.

3. Eye Shape

Placement of shadows and liners is very critical; It helps in creating best shape to eye. It helps in eyes appear wider, more prominent or deeper etc. Identify your shape of eyes and then accentuate them as per your makeup plan.

4. Lips

Lips should look just perfect! Apply glossy lip to make them appear larger.

5. Eyebrows & Face Shape

It is very important to understand the importance of eyebrows. Just like contouring, eyebrow shape and thickness helps in softening your face shape.

Author is Makeup Artist in Gurgaon and running her Ecstasy Unisex Salon in Sector 82A,Gurgaon.


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