Major Arcana -I The Magician in Tarrot Card Predictions

Major Arcana always indicates big events. Second card in the major arcana is The MagicianThis card has been given the serial number One.1 THE MAGICIAN

  • Sometimes The magician is considered as a teacher.
  • Here infinity indicates the infinite success.
  • Wand implies magical wand or wand of career.
  • Cup implies emotions.
  • Pentacle implies wealth.
  • Swords implies problems.
  • Flowers are the symbol of love and peace.
  • Plants shows the grounding and earthing.
  • Action, conscious aware,concentration too good,power, control or ability to control the people,things forces,events,situations.
  • Strong will power,intuitions are powerful,self control,elf confidence,diplomat,strong Determination,courage,strength,imagination,power of conviction and good presentation.
  • New start with infinite success.
  • It is a positive card

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