Improve your skin complexion

Improve your skin complexion

Everyone wants a flawless and glowing skin these days. Due to hectic schedule its very difficult to follow complicated beauty routines. Pollution, dirt and sunlight creates a layer on the skin while going out so its very important to use some beauty regime to get a flawless skin. I would like to suggest some very easy methods to follow in routine life.

Skin needs to be washed :

Our skin needs to be washed at least twice or thrice a day.Water sheds off all the dust and dirt from the face. It also helps in opening the clogged pores. It washes off excess sebum lying on the face which prevents further breakout of pimples and acne. During summers wash with cold water and during winters wash the skin with warm water.

Use a good cleanser :

For oily skin one can use water based cleanser and for dry skin oil based cleanser is must. Various companies are providing good qualities of cleansers.

Use of Exfoliater :

These days micro exfoliaters are very popular . They  have tiny granules that go deep inside the skin and clears the clogged pores.But it should not be used everyday as it can increase the size of the pores.

Regularly moisturise the skin

Yes its true our skin needs to be moisturised regularly. Use of water, cleanser and exfoliaters make the skin dry. It helps in maintaining the hydration of the skin. It keeps the skin smooth,glowing and soft.

Water Intake :

For a really good and healthy skin water intake is must our body weight contains about 70% of water contents.If we drink plenty of water it will keep the skin hydrated. Proper intake of water makes the skin glow.

Apply sunscreen :

Best thing to care for the skin is to apply sunscreen after facewash. Uv rays from the sun are so harmful that they can damage the skin from deep inside. Its very important to use good quality of sunscreen with atleast spf 15.


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