Distributor Warehouse Integration in SAP

Distributor Warehouse Integration in SAP

The objective of this article is to share detailed overview of how to integrate 3rd Party distributor Warehouses in SAP. These are based on my personal experience and may vary as per project requirement however basic requirements & approach remains same.

Managing your client’s expectations on integration and feasibility study for scope of the project plays a very vital role. Project Manager and his team (Consultants) should have fairly good understanding of different business processes which are to be established. It is very important to understand capabilities of resources at both ends. Each business process should be studied very carefully at transaction level while finalising integration model.

Project Timelines & Integration Phases

If project timelines is an important factor & few business activities are bound to start within a specified period, it is advisable to break a project in multiple phases to cover critical business transactions in initial phase. Other automation activities should be covered in a later stage as mutually agreed. Key transactions & critical business scenarios should be covered in scope of first phase.

Timelines are very important while executing a project. It is essential to estimate exact timelines of a project based on type of testing involved in Setup of FTP, Development, Configurations, Mapping of Master Data, preparation of  test script, Preparation of Validation Summary report and System Release Certificates etc.

Finalization of Scope & Proper communication to 3rd Party

Project scope of integrating business processes should be finalised after discussions & timelines should be decided. Project manager should schedule review meetings time to time so that project progress can be monitored. If project team is not working as per schedule, clear communication should be made to all stake holders.

Review meetings will also help in understanding development requirements, Controls to be activated & project progress. While starting a project, it is better to prepare an excel sheet with all steps for different scenarios to be covered. Document should be updated with names of Business stake holders & responsible team members. When this agenda is circulated and everyone is clear on its part, testing becomes easy.

It is better to ask for technical documentation on integration model if Distributor IT team has done it in the past with some other company. Technical document gives fairly good idea to understand business requirements and same will be helpful in initial discussions.

Designing the architecture

It is very important to understand every step to be integrated practically. Warehouse visit or understanding process flow is first step in initiating integration development. Write all steps to be performed in Warehouse, SAP transactions and process to be followed by Warehouse team after integration. Document all steps as per legacy system& prepare a detailed blueprint of To-Be structure of the project. Template which can be prepared is given below as an example for Warehouse process. Business requirements may vary as per need.

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