Colours reveals Intentions of Human being in Tarrot Card Reading

Color play a vital role in describing the intentions of a person through tarot cards. Different colours and their importance is as follows:

Red : Passion, Vitality, Courage
Orange : Warmth, Energy, Activity, Drive, Confidence
Yellow: Creativity, Optimism, Enthusiasm
Green: Healing, Growth, Fertility, Prosperity
Light Blue: Purity, Serenity
Royal Blue: Loyalty, Insight, Inspiration, Independence
Indigo: Intuition, Focus, Stability
Purple: Wisdom, Spirituality, Power
White: Purity, Wholeness, Wisdom
Black: Power, The Unconscious, Banishing, Wisdom
Pink: Love, Friendship, Affection, Joy, Self Esteem
Brown: Grounding, Permanence, Practicality

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